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Google AI suggests “Bluegrass music is a modern style of string band music that originated in the Appalachian region of the United States. It's a sub-genre of country music that incorporates elements from blues, English, Irish, Scottish, sacred, and country music.”   But bluegrass has undergone changes some thought were controversial, if not sacreligious.  "Modern" is a relative term.  Sam Bush became the father of NewGrass and was initially shunned and yet his style of rock filled, jazzy acoustic “bluegrass” created an extremely popular sub-genre while still paying homage to the traditions of Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs, The Osborn and Stanley brothers (etc).

Enter Billy Strings…just when you thought bluegrass was aging out to the 60 - 99 demographic….Billy took the next step.  His style very much respects the traditional genre, openly, but adds the Newgrass energy and Jam band phenomenon to entice tens of thousands to fill arena's around the world.  

History by definition doesnt change - it's static.  Yet in everything (else) there is change.  Some of us do not accept change readily.  Others of us chase the latest change as the better option….the right answer is probably to respect the roots and traditions while openly accepting the variations.  It's called being open minded, I think.

God forbid someone wants to add percussion in a bluegrass band!  Too much?   Ok  We'll call it Americana with a touch of bluegrass, country, jazz, rock and folk.  That should cover it.     Enjoy the music for the spirit and energy that it gives us and celebrate those brave enough to make it!


There's a line in a Newgrass Revival song (Souvenier Bottles ) that goes: “Remember last night and four men standing there, Makin something out of nothing, Makin music out of air”    

This pretty much says it all for any artist and is even more meaningful when a TEAM of performers can accomplish the creation.  As the line goes, the WHOLE is GREATER than the sum of the parts.

A performer can't pinpoint the true depth of their satisfaction or the true source of their joy as it covers too many dimensions of his or her being….and it feeeeeeels good!   

When the creation, intepretation and presentation is appreciated and impactful to the audience,  then it's GREAT!  Go create something!